• Context

    As texts are translated and as time passes, some of the word meanings may be lost or have a different meaning than the one used in our current time. Looking at the ancient context, and the places it shows up during the 1 CE give us greater insight into what the author may have possibly meant.

  • Text

    Many Greek and Hebrew words have more than one meaning. Being able to use more than one definition of a word helps us see MANY ways the lessons of the gospels can be applied to our lives.

  • Bonus material

    As always, in any lesson from Mandy, you will learn about other sources for information: extra biblical texts, Apocrypha and the Nag Hammadi Writings. These are all ways to glean further meanings from the words and symbols used by the Lord to teach his disciples.

Course Outline

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    Welcome to the course!

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    Let's get started!

    • 1-Amartia/SIN

    • 2-Apostolos/Sent One and 3- Amun/In the Name of the Father

    • 4-Apocolypsis/Unveiling

    • 5-Alethia/Truth & 6-Ego Eimi

    • 6-Daimonion/Spirit

    • 7-Enduo/Clothe and 8-Dynamis/Power

    • 9- Eros and other words for Love

    • 10- Charis-Grace

    • 11. Xristos: Christ

    • 12. Logos

    • 13. Makarios

    • 14. Metanoia

    • 15. Musterion

    • 16. Poimain 17. Probation & 18.Psuche

    • 19. Pistis

    • 20. Semeion

    • 21. Sophia

    • 22. Teleios

    • 23. Zoay